hi, i’m kai,

i like arts, programming, design, gnu/linux, open source and lots of other stuff (life is complex ^^). some of my work will be displayed here on my homepage (=

i live in bielefeld, where i’m about to finish my media design and computer science studies at bielefeld university.

if you wish to work with me, hire me, share your thoughts, or just want to say hi – don’t hesitate to mail me: kai@kai.dj (pgp key).

my skills

  • programming (c/c++; java; php; bash; python; scilab/matlab; supercollider; go; […several others – there’s a nice programming language for almost every problem])
  • graphics (graphic design; illustration; typography; vector graphics)
  • sound design (supercollider; adobe audition; […])
  • video
  • web developing (html; css; javascript; php; sql; svg; several cms)

i am fluent in english and german.

…and in general i like to be creative and to help others, plus i am a very fast learner.